How to Motivate Employees

Motivating employees doesn’t require you to make big speeches or re-iterate your company goals and virtues. All you need to do is keep them excited to come to work every day. Want to know how to motivate employees? Here’s how:

Modify the Working Grounds


If you really look at it, a third of an employee’s day is spent at your school. If you can make their working place better, then they will be more motivated to work. Some people work on desks or cubicles, so make sure that they have the enough space. Provide ergonomic furniture, better computers, and other gadgets that may help their work. Have natural light as much as possible and have the setting for the thermostat just right. And if you can, provide a better ambiance by changing the lights. Fluorescent lights are bright but they aren’t pleasant for the eyes. Try some low-wattage bulbs to change things up a bit.

Give Them a Space of Their Own


It would be great if you could provide them lockers so they can stash their stuff into a safe place. And I’m sure you have lots of wall space, so install a bulletin board where your employees can freely pin pictures, cards, or any information they want. It will serve as a reminder that there is life outside of your school. This will make them smile whenever they see it so put a bulletin board as soon as you can.

Free Food


Although food may add up to your overhead, it will greatly help your work output by motivating your employees. Having food in your office kitchen will excite your employees. You will be seen as a provider, not just the boss who barks orders at them. Tea and coffee should be at the top of your list. People won’t have to go out and get them if you have some on your pantry. Buy a cake or ice-cream whenever it’s someone’s birthday, this will give people something to look forward to. Once a week or once a month, buy donuts, bagels, or pizza. Snacks like homemade popcorn, chips, or brownies aren’t just tasty; they’re also great at motivating people to come to the office.

Have Casual Friday


Friday is already a great day, but you can make it better by making it a casual Friday. Having them dress up in their own clothes will make them more comfortable and relaxed. You can also use holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or even the Super Bowl to have an excuse to wear reindeer antlers, witch hats, and jerseys of their favorite teams.

See? It’s easy to keep your employees happy and excited to come to work. And don’t forget to join in on the fun because you’ll keep them motivated, if you are as well.

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