How to Motivate Your Students

Recently we have been sharing with you the importance of the students in a martial arts studio. It’s pretty obvious really because they are the ones who keep the school alive and going. Without students, there’s no one to teach, and if there is no one to teach, the school will fall. A key thing we would like to reiterate is that we should make extra effort in making sure that students don’t quit. We all know the importance of martial arts and the benefits that it brings, and we all know the importance of not quitting. If a student quits, that person will be robbed of the benefits of martial arts while going through the experience of quitting something of value. If we could prevent that, then we will be really helping the student greatly. One way of doing so is to motivate that student until he accomplishes his or her goal.


We all have been students at one time in our lives and we all have a favorite teacher. Maybe it’s not the same for all of us but my favorite teacher was always energetic and entertaining. She spoke in a strong voice, mixed in some humor with her lessons, and radiated with this kind of infectious energy that pushed me to study harder and become a better student. Compare this to teachers who don’t smile, speak in a monotonous voice, and rarely give compliments. If you’re already a good teacher then kudos, but if you’ve been noticing that you’re students are dropping out more often, then maybe something is wrong with your teaching methods. If you want to change or improve then here are some tips on how to motivate your students.

Compliments are Small Rewards

If you give out compliments to your students, then that will validate their hard work. If their hard work is validated, they will train harder and study better. One reason why this works is because students look up to their teachers. If someone you respect recognizes your hard work, naturally you will be glad that someone has noticed. So give out genuine and heart felt compliments to your students frequently, as the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey.


Mix Things Up

Repetition is part of the learning process, and we can also see this in martial arts. Drills are performed to perfect moves and even though what you are teaching is already interesting, if  it’s done over and over, it will be boring. So mix things up, add a different move or play a catchy tune while performing drills. Students will be more interested to show up to the next class if they get curious of what to do next. Make it fun, interesting, but still educational.


Challenge Your Student with Games

Students love playing games. It’s entertaining, can be a form of training, and incorporates a little bit of competition between the students. A push-up challenge can be an exciting and interesting game. The winner can be rewarded by a simple token or can be given an option to skip the next training drill. The push-up challenge is an excellent game because aside from giving the students something to compete for, it also enhances their strength. The winner is rewarded while the rest will strive to work harder next time or might just give them the push to do push-ups at home. It’s a win win for everyone.

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Now that I’ve shown you some tips on how to motivate your students, I will ask a favor to all of you teachers and masters. Please show your spirit every time you teach. Students want to be energized, and to be inspired by you. Do your part by showing your students that you love martial arts and infect them with your spirit with every class. Stay strong and best of luck.


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