How to Quit Your Day Job

11-26-2013 6-00-26 PM

For most of us who have been employees, we all had the pleasure/displeasure of having a superior. You might’ve had or might still be having a positive or a negative experience, either way, a small piece of you wants to be your own boss, to have a business of your own and have the capability to direct people the way you want them to be directed. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit that we all have. From this spirit, I’m sure that all of us have the potential to have a successful business.
But not everyone is certain that a business would be a great next move. This statement rings true especially to those who are well compensated for their day jobs. Although we all have the entrepreneurial spirit, we all still have to be realistic. Not everyone succeeds in business and deciding to have one can be a fatal financial mistake. Now to bring help to those who are still undecided to leave their day jobs, I present you with some pointers. Here is how to quit your day job.
Start Small
This suggestion is in between leaving and not leaving your day job. You can do your business after work, or on weekends. Put enough effort to balance your life, work, and your company. If everything’s good and you see your side business slowly growing, then it’s a positive sign to leave your job. If not, then you have your day job as a safety net.
Happiness Level VS Regret
People who are contented are mostly the happiest people. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, but if you’re already happy with what you’re doing, then think twice before leaving. There are also people who regret the things that they’ve never done or tried. If you think you’re going to regret your decision not to pursue a business then leave your day job and go on with your new venture.
6 Month Rule
Give yourself 6 months to think if you really want to leave your job and start a business. If after 6 months you still want it, then go ahead and create a start up.
Plan Everything Out
If you do decide to start a business then create a solid plan. How much will everything cost like the office, equipment, materials, location, etc. Everything should be air-tight, no bugs of any kind. But make sure that you also consider the time. When you take too long, the market may change and you might have to re-do your calculations again.
To help you even further, look for a mentor to guide you through the process. Most successful people are kind enough to share their experiences, but you might want to offer something in return like your services in the form of manpower. It will also tremendously help you if you study everything that you can. Books and articles can equip you with the right information and knowledge about your dream business.
And to end this article, be courageous enough to jump in and start your new adventure. Be brave enough to decide to leave your job and be your own boss!

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