How to Retain Your Students


Running a martial arts school is simple. All you need to do is increase the number of your enrollees, and retain them the best that you can. But even though it simple, keeping the number of students can be hard sometimes. There are a lot of factors why people leave your school. There are things that are inevitable like students growing up, or them finding another thing to focus on. I say, don’t zone in on the things that you can’t control and do the best that you can to keep them interested. Here are some tips and techniques on how to retain your students.

Master the Art of Teaching

An outstanding martial arts fighter doesn’t make an outstanding martial arts teacher. Of course, being a great martial artist wouldn’t hurt but teaching is a whole different thing. For example, would you be interested in learning from a great martial artist even though he’s boring? Well, if he’s really that great, I wouldn’t mind sticking for a class or two to pick up some new things, but most students prefer someone who is more animated and entertaining. Yes, entertaining, teaching should have entertainment value. Just imagine it as a bitter drug that should be covered by sugar to make it easier to swallow. Work on how you talk and how you move. Make a video of yourself and see if you can improve on some areas of your teaching and ask genuine feedback from friends and family.

Add Value to Your Classes

Do you remember when you were learning martial arts and after the class you found it awesome because you learned something new? That should be your goal for every class from now on. Students want to feel that their time and money wasn’t wasted, so teach something new for every class. It can be a new move or a life skill that they can use. Avoid coming to class unprepared. Plan the move that you will teach and its corresponding drills.

Check Your Student’s Progress

Progress in other aspects aside from being a student in your martial arts school is also important. Ask your student, parents, or friends that are also enrolled in your gym or dojo. You can ask a genuine question like “You’re really doing well on your technique, but how are things on school and at home?” Being concerned about students will make them feel that you care about them and will likely increase the chance of them staying in your martial arts school.

Make Your School Feel Like Home

You know other places of business that feels like home? You’re maybe frequenting a bar, a restaurant, or a coffee place that you go to everyday because it feels safe and comforting? Well, you can also create that same effect on your martial arts school. Create a warm environment by making a comfortable space where the parents can wait for the kids. Or be more welcoming by greeting everyone who comes to your school. Keep in mind that you want to make them feel that they want to actually spend time in your school.

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