How to Sell Merchandise

Let’s face it, the economy has been struggling and it’s affecting almost everybody. You as a Teacher or a martial arts studio owner is mostly affected as the bad economy forces some students to quit. If you’re having a hard time with your overhead or if you just want to earn some extra profit, then it would be a very good idea to start selling merchandise. If by chance you are already selling, then you can still read on and improve on some of your selling techniques to boost your earnings.


People who want to learn martial arts need equipment so why not be the one to sell it to them. Kids and even adults get excited when buying new stuff related to their new found hobby. Remember the first time you learned martial arts and your excitement when you opened your brand new uniform. Your school can provide this with a fully stocked shop.


If you have a receiving area with a front desk manned by one of your staff, then you can delegate the selling to them. You can display some of your merchandise on a display case so those who come in can see what you’re selling. If you have a smaller school then the sales will be on a more personal level. You have to be comfortable with it as it will help with your school’s expenses. Here are some ideas on how to sell merchandise and what to sell:

Uniforms – You can sell uniforms with your school’s logo. Other schools don’t allow students to buy uniforms from other shops but this can be seen as a greedy tactic. It’s okay to offer your own merchandise but give your students and the parents the choice on where to buy their equipment and uniforms.

Patches – It can be your school logo or a commemorative patch for certain milestones, tournaments, and other related events. These can also be put on jackets, t-shirts, and uniforms.

Belts – Add some identifying marks like a part of your school’s logo or the name of your school.

Other equipment – Like headgear, pads, kick pads, gloves, to mention a few.

Educational Material – Books and videos related to martial arts can be sold in your store.

Tee shirts, Jackets, and Other Clothing – You can put the name of your school or its logo on different clothing and sell it to students and parents. Your staff can also wear the tee shirts or jackets and can act as your school’s staff uniform. You can also sell these on events, like anniversaries or tournaments.

Food and Drinks – You can put vending machines on your school and sell water, protein bars, juice boxes, and some snacks.

A good idea is to build a package for each level of a student. A starter kit could include a uniform, a belt, some patches, and even a tee shirt with you school’s logo. As a student advances, you can put additional things like sparring gear, equipment bags, and weapons if the student is capable.


You can also handout flyers or have a small announcement about your merchandise after every class. Putting up posters in your school is another way to let people know about what you’re selling. Just be imaginative and creative when telling people about the products that you have. Don’t forget to make it attractive.


Some of you may be hating the idea of selling, but if this can help you with your own personal expenses and could also help your school then it’s okay. It’s alright to sell stuff as long as it’s not forced. Maybe at first you’ll feel awkward but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Good luck!


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