How to Stand Out in the Martial Arts Business World

I’ve mentioned “think out of the box” and “be creative” in my past articles a couple of times. It’s easy to say these words to people but the execution is the hard part. Being creative and doing something is new can be very hard, but when it succeeds, it’s very rewarding.

Thinking of a new service or creating a new product has been the key successes of various companies. Yes many invented totally new inventions, others just improved on what has been done before. Some companies like Apple didn’t invent the cellphone touch screen technology, but they’ve made It so much better, a feat that is impressive to say the least.

Improvers, inventors, and creative people do what they do best because they have three things that they share with each other. Do you want to know how to stand out? Then follow their lead and do these three things:

Avoid Mediocrity


When we say the word artist, what adjectives come up to your mind? Beautiful, extraordinary, passionate? But today, when you say “I want to be an artist” you will be met with a lot of laughter and doubt. The world expects people to be workers and consumers, and nothing out of the ordinary. But what we must really do is distance ourselves from being ordinary. Before we can do unique things, we must have this mindset that steering to normalcy is creative suicide. Instead of being a plain and normal worker, be an artist instead.

 Silence Self-Doubt


Famous successful people are risk takers. You as a martial arts school owner know this already but for those who are aspiring to be more, or exceed their current state then you should be prepared to silence self-doubt. Self-doubt is the voice that tells you that things will not work out, that your idea is horrible. It is the voice that tells you to go at it half-heartedly, the voice that tells you to stop and retreat. Self-doubt weighs you down, slows you to a point where you’re too scared to do anything. People who stand out are brave; they take risks, and are ready to face disappointments because they believe that if they do, glory is waiting for them on the other side.

Make Connections


This is somewhat involved in making referrals, creating networks, and starting relationships with new peoples. But these things are just basics, business 101. To stand out, you must give more and do more. You must see connections between things that don’t normally connect. When you have that ability to associate things, then you will have the power to create new services and products. So when you meet new people with businesses that have nothing to do with martial arts, think again, you might just discover the next big thing.

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