How to Win Every Argument


Let’s start with a good advice. Do whatever you want.

You see, in life and in business, every decision that you make will be commented upon by other people whether it’s right or wrong. I’m not saying that you should charge ahead and make decisions willy nilly, I’m saying that you should have the balls to decide on things. Whatever you decide, and whatever the outcome, you should own it. It may not please everybody but at least you did what you wanted to do.

But, what if somebody argues with you before you get to decide?

Opposing other people is a sign of a healthy democracy. According to Richard Branson, we should not always agree to our higher ups and we should oppose people’s orders from time to time. But as the boss, you have this vision, a plan on how to run your business. Sometimes, one of your employees will defy your orders. Will you pull the “boss card” right away or talk it our first? Well, arguments are always better because it gives you a chance to think if whatever you’re doing is really good. But if you suck at it, keep reading my How to Win Every Argument article to prepare you for future battles ahead!

Stay Calm

It can be very easy to turn into the Green Hulk when you’re arguing with another person. But getting angry will not help you prove your point. Arguing should be a to and fro transfer of ideas. You won’t be successful if you’re screaming at the other person’s ear while spit is flying off from your mouth. Keep calm because if you lose your temper you automatically lose. If you’re “adversary” is getting angry, you can say “Stay calm, we’re just talking.” Burn!

Be Prepared

Although you have a very good idea stored in your think tank, you can’t persuade other people to believe in it if you can’t back it up with facts. Study, read, and prepare some statistics, quotes, and surveys from relevant people.  Aside from having some ammunition for you verbal war, being prepared gives you the confidence to talk and argue with people.

Ask Questions and Call BS When You See it

Asking questions is not just a delaying tactic, it also acts like a trap that lures your opponent closer and closer. Ask questions like “What’s your source for that information?” or “Can you give me an example?” And don’t be afraid to call BS the moment you hear it. For practice, just say it now, “That’s BS!” Does it feel great? Good. Nothing stops the cascade of BS than calling it and stopping it at its tracks.

Appeal to High and Irrefutable Values

Aside from information that you have researched, you can also appeal to moral and irrefutable values. Your opponent can’t disagree to universally accepted ideas and beliefs because he will look like a “bad person” if he does. Lines like “Aren’t you willing to agree with me even if my point makes the world a better place for our children?” Let’s see someone try to disagree with that.

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