Interview Questions You Should Be Asking


It’s no secret. If you want to have the best martial arts studio then you need to have a good team. There are lots of ways on how to create a super star staff filled with hard-working and passionate people. One is an internship program that attracts college students who are interested in the martial arts studio business. You can then select the exceptional interns who are willing to continue to work full time. You can also hire from the referrals of your current employees. The beauty of this is, they won’t have a hard time assimilating with the current culture of your company. Most likely, they will have the same traits as the one you’ve already hired, as they say, ‘birds of the same feather…’ And you can also hire through the conventional way by interviewing walk in applicants who responded to fliers and ads about a job opening in your martial arts school. When they walk in, it now depends to you on how you select the best and dump the rest. To help you with your search, here are some interview questions you should be asking.

If you can have any superpower that you want, what would it be?

Before you start asking questions, take a good look at your company’s culture. What are the common traits and attributes that you and your employees share? When you know what you are looking for, base your questions from there. I chose the ‘superpower’ question because people already know the same questions that have been used in countless interview sessions like ‘strength and weaknesses’ and ‘why do you want to work in this company?’ These questions are expected and most likely, you’ll get an answer that the interviewee has already memorized 1 week before the interview. The question ‘if you can have any superpower…’ can test the reaction of the candidate and see how he can think on his feet. You can also gauge the interviewee’s sense of humor, a quality that I highly value. The question is only an example and you can create any question you want as long as it’s unexpected and is based from your company’s culture.

Play a game

In resumes, you can see characteristics that the candidate has put in like reliable, creative, resourceful, and other positive words. Instead of just seeing them on paper and hearing them from the interviewee, why not play a game and see if they really telling the truth. Give them a Lego set and ask them to build the model in a certain time limit. Play a board game or a card game, anything that forces them to show what they put in their resumes. This is a good way to put them to the test while making the interview process unique and entertaining on some way.
Based from the suggestions that I’ve written, you can probably tell that I’m a fun loving person. If I had a company, this is how my interview process will look like. These are just examples. The best thing that you can get from this article is that it’s not enough to look at a person’s credentials. You also have to make sure that they will fit your company’s culture.

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