Martial Arts Styles – 2 Tips to Prevent Watering-Down and Weakening

Most martial artists and many martial arts teachers worry that over generations their styles will weaken.

They fear that their students aren’t learning all of the techniques and principles that they did so long ago. And they fear even more that their students’ students will be even weaker at the arts. And their students, weaker still. And so on.

Eventually, the style gets watered-down into a shadow of its former self. The martial-arts style becomes almost ineffective.

Two Martial-Arts Tips for Better Learning

These two tips, actually steps, are a shift in mind set, while you are learning from your martial-arts instructor.

I have been a teacher of martial arts for over 25 years. In that time, I have been privileged to watch many learning styles. It’s curious that so many students bristle when their martial-arts techniques get corrected by the teacher.

To many students, a correction is equal to a criticism. These pupils get offended … maybe only slightly, but you can tell that they aren’t thrilled about the adjustment that the teacher is making.

I would like to suggest that if you are such a student that you shift your attitude … for the good of the style.

It’s a two-step process. We want the teacher to correct us:

1. The teacher models the correct martial-arts move. You carefully observe, and do your best to memorize all of the intricacies of the move. Of course, the first few times you see the move, it will be a broader observation.

Still, at this stage, you watch and learn.

2. Then in the second stage, you perform the move while the teacher watches and corrects.These adjustments that your teacher makes insures the style is going to be strong for future generations.

Eventually, you may get to the point where your teacher can’t correct the move any more. You are either equal to, or have surpassed your instructor in this particular technique.

Continued Martial Arts Progress

Even if you master one move, you still have an entire style ahead of you to learn. You should only be so lucky that your teacher can continue to find elements of your martial performance to correct.

As long as he or she can correct you, it will be easier for you to learn. Once those corrections stop, you’ll have to take learning into your own hands.

Note: If you are worried about the weakening of martial arts styles, I have another article for you to read. See if you are in a martial-arts class that has this problem — Are Martial Arts Styles Weakening

Don’t Become A Clone of Your Martial Arts Teacher

You shouldn’t worry too much about learning every technique your teacher does. Your take on the martial arts may have a different focus.

Your learning style will be different. Believe it or not, there are probably a few techniques that your teacher has yet to master. You may find an easier time of those.

And there will be some of your teacher’s techniques that will be beyond you. Don’t worry about it.

If you master most of your style’s techniques … you will prevent you martial-arts system from weakening.

Also, always add to your learning from new sources. For example …

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Keith Pascal has been a full-time martial-arts author for eight years and a martial-arts teacher for 25 years.

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