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Somers, NY (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Over the past 12 months, one Westchester Krav Maga training center has volunteered much of its time to bully prevention. Krav Maga New York – based in Somers and in 2012 named Westchester Countys Bully Expert has gone out of its way to help community parents and kids by implementing Verbal Judo as a base training program, participating in talk shows, running camps, and meeting privately with parents and never charging a dime.

More recently, Westchesters Bully Expert teamed with North Salem High School educators to teach Verbal Judo a system of communication used for bully prevention and character development – to HS sophomore and junior peer leaders.

As reported by the Somers Daily Voice:

Eight peer leaders from North Salem High School recently attended an all-day workshop in Verbal Self-Defense

The goal was to learn how to fight back at a bully by using your own words and attitude. Students were taught to remain calm in stressful situations and maintain control while confronting anger.

One of the segments concentrated on ways of helping others by removing the targeted person, as well as using humor, language and eye contact to maintain an influence of power, strength and control.

Students in the workshop practiced techniques by creating their own scenarios to implement what they had learned.

Another segment of the program reminded students that their behavior reflects not only themselves, but on their families, their schools and their communities. In the long run, they were told, a positive impression and attitude can be an effective tool and even a deterrent to bullying.

At the end of the workshop, the tenth- and eleventh-graders commented, Now I know how to evaluate a situation and handle it, and I learned how to react so I can defuse conflict, and These skills will help me in school and also in the future.

The peer leaders are now in a position to assist groups of fellow students in learning the defensive techniques

As part of ongoing community outreach efforts, Westchester’s Krav Maga New York recently announced that educaters who want to learn more about how to implement Verbal Judo can contact Westchester’s Bully Expert to receive complimentary bully prevention training

About Us:

Westchester Countys Bully Expert offer area parents and their kids bully prevention programs aimed at redirecting verbal attacks, de-escalating conflict, and promoting positive verbal exchanges. The Bully Expert, in conjunction with Krav Maga NY, also offers Krav Maga based self defense training along with training on use of force and ethical intervention the how and when because martial arts alone is not enough.

For more information, contact us by email at Admin(at)kmny(dot)us, visit The Bully Expert online or call Krav Maga New York at (855) I-AM-KRAV-MAGA

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