Necessary Qualities of Future Leaders


Bit by bit, our world is changing. Different generations of people live in this world at the same time but the new will always rise up and take the place of the old. That’s the reason why we should study and learn about the next generation that will eventually be the next work force.

Alpha leaders rule the world now. These are the driven and focused leaders that assert dominance and believe in the hierarchy model. But as things have changed, Beta leaders are now emerging from the Gen-Y group. Beta leaders don’t have too much faith on the hierarchy model. They prefer the horizontal model that values collaboration and teamwork.

The Gen-Y group are the internet people who mostly have startups in the internet. Non-digital businesses are still being created left and right but they are also assisted through the power of the World Wide Web. It has been said that the internet is erratic and very misunderstood, which is good since its potential is brimming. The problem is, older Alpha leaders don’t have the same passion with the internet as Beta leaders. This will result in the eventual descend of the Alphas according to Dr. Dana Ardi author of the book The Fall of the Alphas.

If you want to stay on top then you need to have the necessary qualities of future leaders. Here are some of the traits that you must possess.


Old business models like the hierarchy model is great, but to appeal to the younger generation, promote collaboration, not domination. You see, young people don’t see money as the only important compensation. They want to feel important and loved by their own company. New things also mean that you should possess new technology, which younger people love, so stay on the edge!

Ego Perception

If you’re serious on leaning your company to a horizontal model, you might find your employees to be less competitive with each other. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not up for a good fight. They’ll work harder, but instead of focusing on winning alone, they’ll exert more effort with the whole company in mind. The Gen-Y group are also great supporters. Whenever they see a potential leader, they will do everything to make that person succeed for the sake of the organization. So when you spot leadership potential, hone it and the rest will provide great back up.


Since beta leaders prefer collaboration and a shared sense of responsibility, expect to see roles changing from time to time. It can be weekly, monthly, daily, or hourly so be fast and anticipate these changes within your company. It can be a pain in the butt at first, but the beauty of it lies within the Gen-Y’s flexibility and versatility.

Values Diversity

To end, I’ll leave you this final trait. As a boss, it’s one of your responsibilities to hire people and fill positions. But instead of looking for superstars that are great for a position, choose a person that will make a good fit for your team. It’s like any team sport, not everybody can be aces.

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