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Good morning, my fellow Americans and those listeners throughout the world. Welcome to another edition of martialartsbusinessmagazine.com.

Today I want to talk to you about our trip, kind of what we have been doing for the last couple of months. Very recently, I was very fortunate enough to spend about a month touring the country. I visited many excellent Senseis and Sifus in Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We were well-received, shown great hospitality. All the martial artists that I spoke with and their students proved without exception that we live in a truly great nation, concise the people who believe in their arts and in their country. The artist we were fortunate enough to visit displayed sportsmanship and very high ethical and moral integrity. We are proud to have met them all.

In our future broadcast, you will see some photographs of these people listed in our blog and men and women and you will read about their styles that they each teach and each in their own right represent the arts they study. We have witnessed the grace and acrobatics skills of Wushu. It was pretty impressive. The good motion of high teach one, the power and tenacity of Gojo, lightning quickness show the Kan-Karate and the sweeten position of Kempo and so many new several arts, we were absolutely astonished and delighted. I’ve been in martial arts for fifty years and the things that I saw displayed were fantastic. If proved to us at martialartsbusinessmagazine.com that has a nation at large, it is full of fine martial artists. None pioneer found anywhere in the world. I’ve attended many martial arts events throughout the country and I’ve seen a lot of hard fact competition, I’ve seen tears of defeat and brightness of triumph that some of the kids had. The event and the people that make them happened. We are going to try to inform and educate you about these and about the people. Find about the goals of our listeners. We hope that you enjoy everything that we give you. We forgive sometimes a late missed, sometimes a brevity of our reports, both of our credit publications that we are sending you. We will be doing martial arts business magazine which will be an easy thing and that will be a quarterly publication. It’s going to be represented to some of our organizations that we are affiliated, Worth the World Depends Tactics Association with Ability and over seventy five countries globally and also the United States Police Defense Tactics Association which is a thirteen year old organization this year and the Black Family Martial Arts of the Banduechi with way dependence sorting harmony, that celebrated some 98th year this year. I can probably say that I’m the stand Sensei, the third generation inheritor of the system, my grandfather founded in 1918 in Shanghai, China.

I hope that this information is great for you and I hope you will support us through your subscriptions and participation. We are submittals and promotions about your school, about your organization and the year of event. I want to thank you for your patronage and your assistance. This is Rick Black, signing off.

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