How to Promote Your Martial Arts Studio Online

Let’s face it; we now live in the age of the internet. Newspapers, books, radio, and even TV has been slowly being replaced by computers that can do it all. The good thing is, it’s not too late to jump in the bandwagon and take part in the digital marketing revolution.

One advantage of using the internet is the huge amount of users, and those people could be potential students. There are lots of ways to promote your martial arts studio online and I’ll discuss some of the best ways to do it.

Have Your Own Website


Websites nowadays is the counterpart of the calling card. Businesses (and even people) have their own websites that act as their digital representatives. You can post your martial arts’ studio’s address, telephone number, membership fees, promotions, events, and even helpful articles on your website. If you’re worried about the costs, there are other cheap ways you can choose from like a $5 per month plus registration fee option. You can even learn how to create your own website or hire an expert to create one for you. As I’ve said, this website will represent your dojo so you’ll want it to look as professional as it can be.

Post Videos on YouTube


More than 1 Billion users have been watching videos on YouTube per month. 4 billion hours of video are watched by those users. Why not take advantage of the amount of users and upload a video of your Martial arts studio. You can create a video of a demonstration or just you talking about your business. Or if you want, you could be creative and think out of the box. Your video might just become viral and eventually help spread information about your martial arts studio.

Be the King of Social Networking


Another way to promote your business is through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is really simple but very efficient. Create an account and have your students, parents, employees and family members follow it. Every time you post a tweet, all of your followers will get the message. Facebook on the other hand can be used to showcase pictures, links to your websites, and even videos to those who “like” or follow your business’s Facebook page. If you’re not tech savvy, don’t worry because setting up accounts is very easy.

Be Active in Blogs and Forums


Aside from creating helpful articles for your website, you can follow blogs and forums which cater to martial arts enthusiasts and comment on questions that some people may have. This is a more personal approach of promoting your martial arts studio online. Think of it as good karma. You are sharing your knowledge and in return, you can endorse your dojo. Just make sure that whatever you put online is correct and you really know what you’re talking about. You don’t need to answer every question, just those that you know the answer to.

Promoting your martial arts studio online offers lots of advantages. Most of the things that I’ve said are free and you can do all of those at home while sitting in front of a computer. If you are looking for extra ways to promote your dojo then there is no better place than the internet.

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