A Reiteration on Efficiency


Having a business is a real time consumer, so we here at Martial Arts Business Magazine believe that there should be a regular reiteration on efficiency. The time you save can be allocated to other important activities like rest, relaxation, and family bonding. If that’s not your thing then you can also use it to think of more ideas to help with your business.

So without further ado, here are some techniques that can help you be a master of efficiency.

Less is More

If you want to accomplish more, then do less. Less meaning more concentration and more focus on only one task. Other people believe that they can multitask but the truth is, only a small portion of the population can accomplish this feat (about 1 – 3%). Multitasking may make you appear you’re being busy as a bee, but in reality, you’re doing a lot of things in varying degrees of efficiency. What this means is that, the business plan that you’re writing will look like a mess because you’re making calls at the same time. Stop making the calls and concentrate on the business plan that you’re writing. You’ll have a better looking business plan and you’ll finish in less time.

Practice Makes Perfect

We all want to be more efficient. Efficiency is applied to work and even the simplest of tasks like taking a bath or cleaning up the house. We always want to do things faster, kill 2 two birds in one stone, generally to avoid doing more work. But efficiency is deeply rooted in discipline. Without self control, we will not see the things we dream of turn into reality. Being efficient can be a hard for some people. It’s a skill that must be honed over and over again. So practice. Force yourself to be more efficient and one day you will be. Plan the steps you need to do. Imagine ways on how to save time. Once you figure it out, stick to your plan and just do it. No excuses.

Be Organized

When there is work, there are tools, and when there are tools, there is clutter. Can you count all the minutes that you’ve spent looking for a working pen or the hammer that you just held five minutes ago? Having a system on how you use and return your tools and setting appropriate storage for them can save you a lot of time. You’ll work will be lighter too since you don’t need to exert extra effort in locating your gear.

Savor Your Breaks

I’m a big fan of taking breaks. They make the work easier because my brain gets to replenish used energy. If you’re also fond of taking breaks, then savor them. Put them in between tasks, or just take 5 when you’re feeling frustrated in whatever you’re doing. The complete 1 hour lunch is also very important. Confucius said that – “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


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