Send Your Employees Home

8-26-2013 4-18-18 PM

I don’t mean to fire them, just send some of your staff members who can effectively work at the comfort of their own homes. People in your school who are often tied to their desks are great candidates for this option. As a master of a martial arts school, you may feel the need to oversee all things and you might think that letting an employee work at home may do more harm than good. After all, who’ll be the one to see if they’re really working or not, right? Well, it’s okay to send them home as long as they do their usual amount of work on time.

There are lots of benefits if you send your employees home. It will reduce overhead costs because it will lessen the use of electricity, water, and even food. Your employee will see this as a huge incentive which will improve morale (and cost you not a single penny). By working at home, your employee will be more relaxed which diminishes stress levels and increases productivity.

Before you start sending some of your employees home, be noted that not all employees are suited to work in their own houses or apartments. Some relax too much and fail to meet deadlines, while others become less effective in a less structured environment. The safest way to do this is to give it a try and find out who are more suited for home based work.

You’ll also face some obstacles for this to be effective. Some of your employees want the right tools for them to work properly. If they are more accustomed to a kind of desktop, computer, or tablet, provide it. Think that if you provide these things now, it will boost productivity and in the long run you will save more money due to the reduced overhead.

And don’t fret if something happens to their home computer. Your IT guy knows some solutions to fix hardware over the phone or through the internet. There are software programs that let other people control computers from a different location. To prevent downtime, make sure that your employees have back up laptops. They don’t have to be the latest priciest models. They can be 2nd hand still good laptops that can be used just in case of emergencies.

To end, disperse any qualms that your employees will be less productive. On the contrary, people who work at home manage to get more work done to the point that it becomes excessive. So make sure that if you are successful in this new venture, limit working hours from 8am-5pm to prevent burnout on the part of your employees.

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