Signs You’re not Martial Arts School Master Material


Every person has their own dream, and maybe yours is to become a martial arts master. You’ve studied, read the books, practiced, and really prepared. You really know that your destiny is to become a martial arts school owner.

Before you start your business, take a look at our Signs You’re not Martial Arts School Master Material and really check if you’re 100% ready.

You Think You Deserve Lots of “Me” Time

Having a business will eat lots of your time. The time you think you deserve for the frequent drink with the buddies or the golf games should be put at the last of your list. You can still enjoy these kinds of things, but the usual time wasters that eat your day away should be eliminated. Instead of day dreaming and looking at cat pictures in the internet, think of more ways on how to make more money. When you have lots of money, go on vacations. That’s the time that you should recharge and do whatever you like. When you’re back to the real world, minimize “me” time.

You Think You’re Too Important to Do Small Things

Are you the kind of guy that thinks he’s so mighty that he doesn’t even do the littlest of tasks? Are you the guy who thinks there’s an employee to throw the trash, fix the printer, or even tidy your table for you? If you’re that guy then you’re taking delegation too seriously. If it’s not too time consuming, clean up after yourself, or fix your own computer. Successful entrepreneurs can do anything and everything. Being efficient starts from the top so lead by example.

You Need New Things to Do Work

I had a talk with one friend of mine who was always talking about how he wants to start a business. Whenever he and I talked, he always said something like “I need to have this new computer before I start my new business.” And I would say, “No. You actually have all the things you need. You’re just delaying it and making the new computer as an excuse.” Sure, having the new iPad would be nice but waiting for it before doing work is just wasting time.

You Don’t Want to Let Go of Money

I know, starting a business is a means to collect money, but before it becomes successful, you should know how to let go. When you’re earnings come in and you get your net income, what do you want to do with the money? Are you going to celebrate? Buy new shoes, or a new gadget? If you want to expand and really be successful, use that money and re-invest in your martial arts school. Buy new school equipment, or put the money on marketing. When you’re school is complete, spend 10% of your earnings to whatever you want, the 90% should be put on savings or more important stuff.

In a nut-shell, if you really want to be a martial arts master, you must SACRIFICE. If you don’t want to, then think twice before you start a martial arts school.

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