Martial Arts Studio Software: Student Base Review


Out of all the single reviews we’ve done so far (3 counting this article) Student Base is the most customized to handle a Martial Arts School. First of all, their website looks okay and their blog is regularly updated so that’s a good sign. Based from their homepage, their product does some of the basic things you want a good martial arts program to do like manage students, send email blasts, track attendance, market, payment, and see the overall health of the school. As I said, it’s customized already so you won’t have to do anything but learn how to use the product. It claims that it’s easy to use, and based on the videos it shows on its Tour section of the website, it really looks like that they’re saying the truth. The videos are helpful, the blogs are easy to understand, so they really support their customers in terms of helping them to operate the software.

The actual program looks good. I don’t know about you, but I like the aesthetics of my product to look good. The color themes are excellent, the fonts are great, and it makes the whole experience of using the product enjoyable and easy on the eyes. Another good thing about Student Base is that it’s web based so you don’t need to install anything, plus, you can access a student’s date wherever you are as long as there is an internet connection. They are not affiliated with a billing company and they are 100% independent. They also claim to be affordable but I have a beef with that.

If you look at their payment plans, they have 3 which are the Basic Plan, Deluxe, and Premium. They cost $24, $47, and $99 a month respectively. The basic plan is cheap, yes, but it only caters to 50 students, a 100 leads, and 2 email blasts per week, plus what they call a School-at-a-glance, and an SSL security. I don’t like limited things, like the 50 student limit, 100 leads, and 2 email blasts. Sure, those numbers, if you max them out, can be a good starting point for every start up martial arts school, but it doesn’t take too much time to organize and send emails to 50 students. Why waste your $24 for only 50 students? So if you have the extra cash, you could go up to the Deluxe plan and the Premium which doesn’t appear to be that affordable anymore. The Deluxe plan costs $47 a month, but only caters to 150 students, 500 leads, and 5 email blasts. The Premium plan goes for $99 a month but can manage 1000 students, has 5000 leads, and can send 10 email blasts a week. I think this company clearly wants you to take the Premium plan.

It’s really up to you to give it a try. They do offer a 30 day trial and their product does look promising. If you think that it has helped you with the managing of your martial arts school, then move up to the paid version if the payment plan is not a total turn off.

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