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How to Handle Customer Complaints

Not all customers are satisfied customers. From time to time unhappy people who have purchased your merchandise or experienced your service will voice out their not-so approving comments. And honestly, when you’re on the other end of that angry line, it doesn’t feel good. Naturally, we all want everything to be just pleasant and perfect, but what most of us ...

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How to Take Care of Customers

We all know that the biggest investment that we can make is of the financial kind. But we often dismiss the fact that time is also another great asset. Investing time to create relationships with your students is also important because they are the reasons why your martial arts school is still afloat. I know that you’re already too busy ...

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How to Treat Customers

Are customers always right? Is it true that you have to do everything that they ask? In this article we will look at some of the ways on how to treat customers better and where we draw the line on some of your hard to handle clientele. Handling customers is an important job. In the martial arts school business, your ...

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