How to Handle Customer Complaints

Not all customers are satisfied customers. From time to time unhappy people who have purchased your merchandise or experienced your service will voice out their not-so approving comments. And honestly, when you’re on the other end of that angry line, it doesn’t feel good. Naturally, we all want everything to be just pleasant and perfect, but what most of us don’t realize is that a complaint is opportunity in disguise.

Befriend an Angry Customer


Most irate customers are just people who want to vent out. So if they’re confused and pissed off, just lend your ear and listen. Let them talk, and really hear what they’re experiencing. Be honest and prompt with your answers, and don’t forget to treat customers with respect. If you manage the situation well, you’ll gain a loyal patron who will drive in more business with future sales, memberships, and referrals.

Get Something Out of It


If a student or a parent is complaining about something, then don’t be hasty on defending your school, its services, and its products. Hear them out first and you might just discover a flaw in your system. If there is one, acknowledge your mistake and tell them that you will do everything to fix it. Your customer complaint just alerted you of a thing that you need to change in your martial arts school. It’s basically a business assessment for free.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

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All of us are customers, so we all know the feeling when we’re not fully satisfied with a product that we purchased with our own hard earned money. Understand what they’re feeling and view it from their perspective. Tell them that you “understand what they feel” and do your best to soothe the customer.

Help the Customer Find a Solution


You can do this by asking the complainant questions on how the or she wants the problem resolved. Be honest and realistic. If their request can be attained then let them know how long and how their solution will be delivered. If what they want can’t be done, then apologize and tell them your school’s policy. If you’ve told them all the answers and they’re still angry, apologize and tell them “there is nothing you can do”. Most customers are probably appeased at this point because you’ve done everything you can. If they don’t have any more questions or concerns thank them for the call and wish them a good day.

Knowing how to handle customer complaint can be easy. First of all, be friendly and empathetic. You should be knowledgeable of your products and services and limit your interruptions to a minimum, if possible, never interrupt them when they’re talking. Accept customer complaints as challenges to better and improve your school. So from now on, deal with them with determination and confidence. Good luck!

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