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A Concentrated Shot of Motivation

War movies are always great. Aside from the great action and the drama, we will always be exposed to the motivational speech of the leader before the climactic battle. It’s always the same really. All of the soldiers form in planks, the leader goes up front, everyone goes quiet and he delivers this rousing speech that energizes everyone. A charismatic ...

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How to Take Care of Employees

Who is your best employee? Did you think of a name? Are you seeing her face in your mind? Now imagine a scenario where she hands you her letter of resignation, that would be a disaster right? Before we dive in on how to take care of employees, I’ll share some signs to know when your employee is planning to ...

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The Importance of Employee Feedback

Let’s say that you hired people who have the integrity, the drive, and the intelligence. Without integrity, drive and intelligence is useless. Drive makes sure that the work is gets done and your employee has a goal to prove himself through labor. Intelligence is great for problem solving and makes the employee independent which is a huge bonus if you’re ...

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