The Importance of Employee Feedback

Let’s say that you hired people who have the integrity, the drive, and the intelligence. Without integrity, drive and intelligence is useless. Drive makes sure that the work is gets done and your employee has a goal to prove himself through labor. Intelligence is great for problem solving and makes the employee independent which is a huge bonus if you’re a martial arts school master.


Each and every one of us possesses a certain perspective on how things should be done. As a master and a businessman, you have a vision on how to run your school. Your employees also have their opinion on how to do things better. Granted, some suggestions would border on the ridiculous (like margarita Fridays) but employee feedback is like a treasure hunt. Somewhere in the ocean of countless opinions, you will see something that might just make your school more successful.

If you don’t know how to carefully acquire your employee’s suggestions then let me tell you how. Accomplish these tips and you will soon discover the importance of employee feedback.

Use Tools


The simplest method is a suggestion box. If you want something more advanced, use a computer application which records what comments they may have. Encourage your staff to share their opinions through these channels especially when your company needs a problem to be solved. Not all people are confident enough to share what’s on their mind face to face so creating these tools will persuade timid people to have their say.

Organize a Weekly Meeting


Consider this an end of the week report of sorts. You can use this to let other people (other than yourself) be heard. Another benefit is that your employees can hear the opinions and have a discussion about it. This will boost your team’s confidence by letting them have a talk in regards with the welfare of the company. They will feel that they are not just employees that work for the company but they are also important parts of it.

Make it Anonymous


Employees keep their opinions to themselves because they fear that whatever they may say may reflect badly upon them. Anonymity will get rid of this issue and will encourage people to participate more.

Reward Feedback


A simple thank you can be a simple reward to your employees whenever they share their opinions. Reward them no matter how small their contribution might be because the important thing here is that you are creating a new culture which values the opinion of others. When someone comes forward with a really high-quality suggestion like a move to save the school more money or a way on how to increase sales, reward that employee with something substantial. This will act as a goal for your other employees to think harder and better on how to improve your martial arts school.

The beauty of employee feedback is that it only needs little to no money for it to be implemented. Another thing is that it pushes your employees to make the school better while at the same time, creates an opportunity to ultimately better themselves.

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