How to Take Care of Employees


Who is your best employee? Did you think of a name? Are you seeing her face in your mind? Now imagine a scenario where she hands you her letter of resignation, that would be a disaster right? Before we dive in on how to take care of employees, I’ll share some signs to know when your employee is planning to leave.

  • Constantly taking a one day off every week, with little notice.
  • Starts dressing better, possibly in a nice suit.
  • Takes calls outside your school, out of hearing range from anybody else.
  • You start seeing other company websites plastered on your employee’s  computer monitor
  • You notice that she is distancing herself from you or from her workmates
  • His personal items like photos, coffee mugs, start disappearing from his desk

If you notice these signs then it’s high time to have a talk with your employee. I’m not saying that you won’t find another great hire, but think of all the investments that you poured into that single person. The money, the time, and all the mentoring that you did will all go to waste.

We think that a common reason for leaving is for greater compensation and a better benefits package, but there are also other factors why people leave. Some people become unhappy in their jobs, maybe it’s the culture, the environment, the amount of tasks, and the feeling that their hard work isn’t noticed at all. For other people, they look for the challenge, and the respect of their peers. Whatever reason they may have, as a great martial arts school owner, you should spot that early on, and you can do that by talking to your employees.

Aside from constantly talking to your employees, you can prevent them from leaving by taking good care of them. If you want to increase your staff’s work output, you should remove the obstacles that keep them from doing their jobs well. If they think too much of other things, they are distracted, limit those distractions and your school will run more smoothly. Some maybe troubled because their pay isn’t that high, or their benefits package is very limited. If you’re capable of changing their salary and benefits, then do so in a way where it will meet your employee’s needs.

To end, everything is not all about money. As I’ve stated, others just lose their happiness and drive. As a great manager, you can show your genuine concern and support. Provide a better working environment that lessens stress and promotes pride and joy. Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your martial arts school.

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