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How to Be a Better Leader to Your Employees

Businesses can be ruined by one person. This is especially true when that one person is you. As a martial arts master and leader, you have the responsibility to be fair to your employees. But other leaders, to put it simply, are jerks. It’s no secret, employees hate their bosses, and the question is why? You may think that you’re ...

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How to be a Better Manager

They say that being a manager is both art and science. Being better at your job than your other co-workers doesn’t automatically mean that you would be a great manager. Knowing how a martial arts school operates is one big factor, but being a boss is more than that. I’m sure we all had that supervisor who was disrespectful, selfish, ...

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How to Lead a Team to Victory

Winning and losing is a part of our lives. Some would argue that it’s the law of nature that the weak shall be preyed upon by the strong. The good thing is, we don’t live in a world where feebleness is punished with death (sort of). Martial arts is full of victories and downfalls. Competitions bring forth winners and losers, ...

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