How to Lead a Team to Victory

Winning and losing is a part of our lives. Some would argue that it’s the law of nature that the weak shall be preyed upon by the strong. The good thing is, we don’t live in a world where feebleness is punished with death (sort of).


Martial arts is full of victories and downfalls. Competitions bring forth winners and losers, the same as businesses. Not all martial artists reach their goals, and not all schools taste the sweet nectar of success. The way I see it, failing or losing is just a part of life. Everybody wants to win, but losing presents an opportunity for people to learn and grow.

For this article, I will tell you some tips on how to lead a team to victory. We will apply some techniques that have been used in sports like martial arts on how to properly motivate your staff. If you’re a good martial arts master and coach, then with these tips you’ll soon be a great manager.

  1. To really form a winning staff, you must consider this a huge challenge. Change will not come overnight, stick to it and be patient.
  2. You should not worry about losing. Zoning in and maintaining your focus on not succeeding will only make it a bigger threat. Implement this on your team as soon as possible. Remember this, stop the losing mentality. Stay positive.
  3. The natural thing to do when something goes wrong is to point fingers. End this when this happens and just state facts. Highlight individual and team strengths and weaknesses, the problem usually lies there.
  4. Listen to your employees. They may have something to say that will become a solution to your problem. Letting them speak and listening to them will also boost their confidence. It will also raise their interest in the project.
  5. As with obtaining belts, teams should also have goals. Start with short term goals, then work your way to the top. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch, yard by yard it’s hard.
  6. Martial arts is all about protecting the weak, or being of service to others. Make this your core value and put customer service at number 1.
  7. Like a sports team, you can also have your own name like Bobcats or Turtles. Have a logo or make some stickers you can place on tables or cork boards. It sounds a little cheesy but it will foster unity, a trait winning teams possess.
  8. Be a leader and not a boss. A boss has a negative connotation to it. The word leader has a better ring to it, like it belongs to a certain group. Being a boss sound too high and mighty, but a leader leads by example and works with his people.
  9. When you reach success, celebrate! Don’t forget to reward yourself and your team after they’ve accomplished the goals that you’ve set.

I know, losing is such an ugly word, but we must bear in mind that losing is just a point in the score card. Falling down on the mat doesn’t mean that the battle is over. All we need to do is to keep pushing, stand up, and try again and again.

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