How to Be a Better Leader to Your Employees


Businesses can be ruined by one person. This is especially true when that one person is you. As a martial arts master and leader, you have the responsibility to be fair to your employees. But other leaders, to put it simply, are jerks. It’s no secret, employees hate their bosses, and the question is why?

You may think that you’re managerial style is effective, maybe it is at the present, but in the long run, you may risk losing the employees that are working for you right now. A misbehaving leader doesn’t improve teamwork, morale, and quality of work. A jerk manager usually makes the workplace a difficult environment for other people. To have a better martial arts school, then a master should admonish negative traits. If you want to know How to Be a Better Leader to Your Employees, then I suggest that you keep reading on.

Quit Martial Arts School Politics

Politics is really simple. If your martial arts school has 10 employees, it only needs 6 people to gang up on the other 4. The other 4, or the minority will be treated poorly because they are outside, while the other 6 can relax because they are in the group. What’s worse is when the boss is included in the 6, which tips the balance of power even more. Don’t allow politics to run in your school because it makes people less productive. The 6 won’t work and the other 4 won’t be motivated to work because whatever they do won’t matter.

You Make Everything Urgent

There’s always a part in every war movie where the head honcho tells his troops “We have to do this now!” or “The line must be drawn here, and no further!” In martial arts schools, the master also encounters these kinds of situations and usually says “We must do this right away.” Your employees, seeing that the situation is really urgent, push themselves to make things happen. But if you make every task like an emergency then you will lose that sense of urgency. Simple, everyday tasks shouldn’t be taken too hard. When you want something to really get done, use that emergency card, but remember to use it sparingly or it will backfire.

Justify Your Anger

I’m not a really big fan of being angry but it has its advantages. When you really need to be angry at one person, then at least have enough reason to show your neck veins. Bosses who are angry every time do not command respect, they command fear. Fear is crippling, while respect is motivating.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

And when you have time to be angry, you also have time to give credit where credit is due. It’s all about fairness, equality, or balance. When someone deserves reprimand, then administer it, when someone deserves praise, give it. Being angry can be effective since employees are conditioned not to repeat mistakes. The same thing can then be said to giving praises since it reinforces good behavior which then leads to an increase in morale, motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem, and enthusiasm.

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