The Studio Organizer Review


Are you still on the quest of looking for the perfect martial arts studio software? Then I hope I can shorten your search by giving you The Studio Organizer review. Comparing this to our last review, The Studio Organizer has been made to cater for dance, gymnastics, yoga, and martial arts. What this means is that it has been already customized to cater for your martial arts studio needs. But if you want to further customize your software, then you have to report it to the company and hope that they include your “suggestion” to the next patch.

An overview of their product based from the website:

“The Studio Organizer is powerful, versatile, and easy to use. It works with any type of dance, gymnastics, yoga or martial arts studio. You can use any tuition payment plan and the attendance recording features are second to none.

Record student and prospect information. Record and track tuition payment plans and attendance. Track inventory. Create invoices, student ID cards, staff ID cards, attendance cards, price tags, letters, emails, certificates, envelopes and more..”

Aside from being already customized, one of the best things about this software is that it’s cheap compared to other programs. Actually, they’re on sale right now and they’re offering the paid version for only $299. That’s 1 year of free software updates, free technical support, and you only need to pay $39 for the updates if you want them. See? It’s really cheap, but cheap sometimes, is not a compliment.

As I’ve said with previous articles, I’ll search from different sources to hear the voice of the people about these different products. For this one, I saw the testimonials from their website, and their Facebook page. The testimonials can never be trusted, but they do include the names and the studios where they used the product. So far, all is exemplary, as it is expected. One thing that I can surely say though is that, their website doesn’t look appealing. It’s like I’ve been transported back to 2002 where Myspace was still a thing. Their website is poorly made which is a big turn off. If their website is ugly, it usually reflects the product. I also checked their Facebook page, surprise, only two comments, and 180 page likes. It only means two things, their customers are mostly non-existent, or they don’t use Facebook.

It’s really surprising to hear this because when you search “martial arts studio software” on Google, this product is on the top 3 spot. But when you search their product, almost nothing comes up expect they’ve put on the web.

To be fair, they offer a non contract and no obligation agreement so that’s a plus, but based on their internet presence, I’m not really too hopeful. There’s a 30 day trial, so if you’re looking for affordable martial arts studio software, give this one a try.

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