What Awful Companies Do To Their Customers

Yesterday, I wrote an article on strengthening customer relationships. For this article, I would like to discuss the things schools should not do to their customers. One of the mistakes that martial arts schools do is that they never change their approach to customer service. Your customers are people, and people change. Trends also evolve as do technology. What was effective before may not be effective now, and as a martial arts business owner, you should always keep up with the times and maybe even look into the future from time to time.

I’ll present you to you what awful companies do to their customers so you can avoid them.

Having Silo-mentality


Silo mentality happens when one department of you school doesn’t like to share information to other people in your company. It not only inhibits employee bonding, it also makes the customer’s experience very frustrating. Just imagine one of your employees telling a customer “I don’t know.” Destroy silo-mentality and inform your staff to share information on a regular basis. It will make the customer service experience better by making sure that your employees is fully equipped to be of service, or have the ability to direct a customer to a person that can really help.

Refusing to Invest on Digital Tools


According to Forbes, two separate surveys have confirmed that half of mobile subscribers in the U.S. have smart phones. As technology progresses, people are now living their lives with these phones that act as tools to help them through everyday life. People use their phones to search for the nearest restaurant, send pictures, watch videos, check bank accounts, and a plethora of other things. If you, on the other hand, still refuse to keep up with this trend then you’re losing potential customers or regular customers who prefer their schools to be more digitally inclined. Some of the simple things you can do is to make your website friendly for mobile phones or update your school’s social media accounts. Or if you want something really up to speed, create an app. So the next time someone asks about a good martial arts school, you can say “there’s an app for that.”

Thinking Customers are just “Numbers”


A sale is a sale, and a membership can make your numbers look good. But always think that customers are people that want to have a great experience in your school. Every time you talk to them about anything is an opportunity to have a loyal customer. A customer that will promote your school, drive in further business, and a person that can pass good words to other people which helps with your reputation.

Now that you’ve read what not do, do everything you can to avoid these kind of things. Take care of your customers, and they will take care of your business. Good luck!

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