What Makes a Great Employee?

Having the right employees is very important. It’s so important that it could make or break your business. You can be lucky and be blessed with good employees right from the start, but for the most part, it’s not the case. Getting that all star team is a long journey of searching for good people. For some it involves patience and hard training for those who are willing to learn.

It’s not enough that you are a great master, you must be great master with great people on your side. All great businessmen didn’t singlehandedly run their companies; they had the right people doing the right jobs. In today’s economy, having a bad hire is not an option. If you crunch the numbers, you’ll see that you’ll lose $25,000 to $50,000 for over a year. This money was spent on training, looking, hiring, and buying equipment for that said bad hire. $25 to $50k is a lot of money, it is an investment.

If you’ve been hiring people for a long time, you’ll notice that some don’t pan out. Good hires are those who contribute to success, but those who were let go, weren’t necessarily bad people. Usually, it’s the hiring manager’s fault for bringing those people in and their talents weren’t used in a way that they could contribute to the school.

The old fashioned way of hiring people is checking their credentials, looking at their skill set, and seeing if they have the abilities to match the job description.  There is nothing wrong with that, but we must also look at other important areas if we want to have good hires. Want to know what makes a great employee, here is what you should look for.



Background checks and a few calls to former bosses can give you a hint on a person’s integrity. Your hire can be a lot of things, skilled, intelligent, but without integrity, this will all go to waste.



Being a martial arts master and business owner is a lot of work, so you need people who are smart enough to do their jobs on their own. People with intelligence are also creative. If they are stumped, they will look for other ways to get the job done.



Do you know why employee referral programs are great? Because your employees will most likely refer their friends. If you’re already implementing this program, then there is a higher chance that your team will be more compatible with each other. For new hires, check their personalities, their hobbies, anything that will prove that they can be compatible with your current team.



Hiring a skilled employee with no interest in staying is the same as burning your money. Committed people are also investments because they will later pay you in the long run. Check previous employers and the amount of time spent on the job, this will give you a big hint.

Remember to see if your guy is skilled, abled, and has the credentials to fill out the job. After that, check I.I.C.C. Integrity, Intelligence, Competency, and Commitment. Now that you know what to look for an employee, you’re on your way to building a great team. Good luck!

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