What to Avoid in Business

You may have great ideas for your martial arts school and you may already have plans to make it a reality. But be wary of the common mistakes some people make when they are venturing into this kind of business. Different people have different ways on how to run their school. Each and every one of us has a different style but one thing still persists. There are surefire methods on how to bring down a business. Make sure that you avoid them at all costs.

Getting Distracted


Are good ideas bad? Yes, when they are too many. If generating good ideas is one of your strengths, then choose the top 3 and implement that to your martial arts school. Having too many ideas and executing them all at once will be the downfall of your dojo. It’s better to focus on fewer goals than to divide your energy and workforce on a lot of different things.

Keeping Things to Yourself


Now this is the opposite of having too many ideas. When you keep things to yourself, your ideas will just rot away. Sure, you may execute them yourself, but as we’ve discussed before with an article about delegation and teamwork, you are actually being counterproductive by not voicing your suggestions. The key thing is trust. You can never be trusted if you don’t trust anyone else. So give it a shot, it might just be worthwhile.

Relying Too Much on Technology


Technology is great, that is given fact. But the thing we need to remember is that the martial arts business is high touch and low tech. What this means is that our business grows with every human connection that we make. The best way to make that connection is in person and using our social skills. Computers and the internet may help your business, but nothing beats old fashioned face to face talking.

Settling for Good Enough


Aim for the moon and land among the stars. We should always remember that quote. Being pleased at “good enough” will be our first signal to downfall. When you’re martial arts studio is doing okay, don’t rest and relax. Always strive for excellence so when something unfortunate happens, we have some leeway and handle the situation.

Avoiding these things is never too hard. Keep your eyes on the prize and always do your best. Never rest until you reach your goal. Accomplish the short term goals so you’ll make the long term goals a reality. Stay strong and good luck!

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