Why Good People Leave Your Company

The economy today is recovering but jobs are still hard to come by for other people. Although this reality exists it still doesn’t stop employees from quitting and looking for other jobs. This is bad news, considering the value of the skills of these employees, plus the time and money that business owners have spent in hiring and developing these talents.

We will discuss the reasons why good people leave your company, but before we dive into that I’m here to say that all of them can be avoidable. You as a manager and martial arts business owner should always look out for early signs and be on alert always. Do not be one sided and focus on all the aspects of your employee’s career.

Doing a Job They Didn’t Expect to Do

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This happens most of the time when employers don’t pay too much attention to the details of the job description. Vague and general job descriptions will attract a lot of people but once they’re hired, they’ll expect to do something of what they wanted to do. If you’re not specific enough, you’ll have a problem in your hands in the near future.

To avoid this, be sure to ask a candidate of what he or she expects to do in your martial arts school. After the answer, state what you really want. Give all the details at the start of your hiring process so there will be no miscommunications.

Never Getting Feedback or Coaching

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As an employer, you’re always looking for people who are independent, but employees are still people. They will always want that pat on the back or a “good job” once in a while. And while they may want it or not, people need coaching from time to time. It’s like a reminder that says “although I know you can do this job, I still care about you and your work.” And coaching should be most especially reserved for the newbies, so pair them with an experienced team member and this problem will be solved.

No Opportunities for Growth

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Everybody wants to advance in their career but growth doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger paycheck or a new title. Some people just want to be challenged, to be trained, or to learn something new. So whenever you can, let your team try new things, assign them to tasks outside their comfort zones, and be willing to let them have trainings for other valued skills.

Aside from keeping them in your company, you’re making your employees happy and engaged which will just make your martial arts school better. It may seem more work but overall, this big improvement will most likely help your employees satisfied with their jobs.

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