Why Happiness is the Secret to Productivity


We here at Martial Arts Business Magazine believe that happiness is the key to success. We often say that you should do what you are interested in. If you’re happy with what you’re doing, it will not feel like work. You’ll be excited to come to the office or your martial arts studio and do your job. You won’t need to count the hours and wait for the next break. You will feel like time is flying because you’re enjoying what you’re doing. And you know that what I’m telling is true. When was the last time you were enjoying yourself so much that you didn’t notice the time? A time when you were so immersed in whatever you’re doing that day becomes night in a blink of an eye. These are the reasons why happiness is the secret to productivity.

“Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life.” This has been debated by business professionals for quite some time. The counter argument comes from the point that doing what you love is still considered work, and all work is stressful and ever easy. But what if I choose to do the work that I love, and suffer, wouldn’t that be much worse if I chose another job which I hate? And some of you would say that it’s not that simple. Businesses and jobs also cover the aspect of money, prestige, and a lot of different factors. But is there something more important than personal happiness? Does money and prestige really measure how successful a person becomes?

In fairness to the counter argument, not everything is a 100%. You can do what you love but it will not be peaches and cream all the time. The mind-set of a person is not truly fool proof. We will not be happy all the time, but choosing the work that we love can help greatly. Aside from happiness, it’s the passion and the caring that also matters. Passionate people produce the best work because they don’t work for the sake of producing something, they work because they care.

If you want to venture to the world of martial arts business and if you really feel that you will be happy in doing so then by all means come and join in on the fun. Having a martial arts studio is much more exciting than a typical desk job. You also get to touch lives of students you teach. You don’t also need to think about money because if you’re successful, you will have all the money you need. If you don’t succeed, at least you tried; no regrets.

Creating a business or shifting to a different job can be too drastic for others. If you want to simply be happy then change your mind-set. Happiness is a choice, so choose decisions that will bring you lasting happiness. Be thankful for what you already have, contentment can bring immense joy. And practice thinking positive things. Our thoughts usually shape our future. If we think we are going to be productive, happy, and successful, most of the time we will be.

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