Why Martial Arts is a Great Business

If somehow you need reminding why having a martial arts school is a great business then I’ll go list the reasons in a second. Let me just momentarily talk to new entrepreneurs who are passionate for the martial arts. If you’re looking for an excellent start-up business, why not create a martial arts school, or something related to it?

I had the urge to write this article because I read something that defined a great business. Basically, you had to answer 3 questions and if the answer to those questions were ‘Yes’ then that business has some great potential. Here are the questions:

Is it Ethical?


Now this may topic may be a little blurry. Because although we consider Ethics as rules of what we should or shouldn’t do, all of us have their own perspective of what’s right or wrong and the degrees they fall into. As for the basis of martial arts which is protecting the weak and preserving peace, nothing can be more ethical than that. Aside from the basics, martial arts have lots of advantages. This brings us to our next questions…

Does it Bring Lasting Value to Others?


Value can be interpreted as the monetary kind, and importance or preciousness of something. For me, teaching someone to defend herself has value. Being taught discipline has value. Having self-esteem, strength, and confidence has value. These are the important things that people can acquire under the training of martial arts, among other things. These things affect kids, students, and people for the rest of their lives, if that’s not value, I don’t know what is.

Is it Something You Love?


If Martial Arts is one of your passions, then you should really consider making a business out of it. Everybody knows the saying that ‘money doesn’t lead to happiness’, but did you know that happiness could actually lead to money. If you really love what you’re doing, then you will persevere even if you fall down a couple of times. It won’t be considered work if you’re enjoying yourself. Are you imagining yourself doing something that you love and earning at the same time? Then go ahead and make it a reality.

I truly advocate that Martial Arts Schools should earn money. Owners and the staff should have a comfortable life teaching martial arts. But sometimes, thinking about money will shift our thinking on what is important. Money is important, but it is not everything. If your business idea answers all those 3 questions with a resounding yes then your idea may have a chance of really growing into something positive.

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