Why You Should Advertise on Facebook

Martial arts business owners and masters have a lot of roles to fulfill when managing and operating a school. One of them, is also a marketer and an advertiser. If today, you are still ignoring the millions of users that visit social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you are denying yourself of potential customers that can increase your revenue.

“But I’m already on Google Ads.” You might say. Okay, admittedly, Google is still the gold standard for internet ads and marketing, but social media platforms are picking up steam and soon will be on par, if not, take over the internet ads scene.

If you are planning to advertise on Facebook, then you must be prepared. Read some of my tips and reminders before you embark on your new marketing and advertising journey. Or first tip on Why You Should Advertise on Facebook is…

Know Your Audience


Facebook users usually start from preteens to adults which is almost perfect for your business. The only thing missing are the younger kids ages 4-9, who don’t have social media accounts yet. The good thing is that parents have social media profiles which your ads can target. Aside from age, you should really research on other factors like geographical location, marital status, gender, and interests.

Picture Paints a Thousand Words


People’s attentions nowadays are harder and harder to grab. Your only chance to be noticed is a tiny picture and some description on what your products and services are about. So choose a high quality picture that will attract your demographics attention. Your description is also, only a few characters so be careful on what you put out there.

Target Your Audience


The good news is that Facebook makes it easier for marketers to really target users. Facebook ads also work better if it works against traditional marketing strategies. Usually, the more the better approach is used on old marketing ways, but in Facebook, it will be better to zone in on people who may like what you’re presenting, instead of showing it to a lot of people who will never give a second thought on your martial arts school.



Relying on one picture and description combination alone will decrease your chance of having a successful Facebook ad campaign. So create a lot of descriptions and produce a lot of pictures. Mix and match combinations, every day. The best way to approach this is to have 4 different images and 4 different descriptions in a day. When something works, you can use that again. But ads have a shelf life of only 4-5 days. If you keep recycling ads then it will go stale and eventually, your audience will get sick of it.

Facebook ads is just one part of the modern marketing industry. It’s not 100% effective but according to research, 22% of small business owners have used Facebook ads and 65% of them were satisfied. Advertising online is also cost effective compared to traditional marketing. So, if you’re looking for a new way to expand your marketing and advertisement efforts, give social media ads a try.


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