Why You Should Get an Intern

11-29-2013 3-48-28 AM

If you haven’t thought of employing interns in your business then now is the good time to start. They solve a plethora of problems and offer a lot of benefits too aside from extra man-power. For today’s article, we will discuss why you should get an intern and explain the different ways on how they can boost your martial arts business.

Young People Have More Energy

There are a lot of reasons why interns have more energy. One reason is, they’re biologically younger ergo they have more energy. Another reason is that they’re eager to acquire new knowledge and skills. Interns are like sponges that just absorb information. If it peaks their interest, then they’ll also be interested to watch, listen, and learn. It also has to do with the length of work they have to do in certain companies. Since internships aren’t full time, they don’t get burned out at work and they don’t feel that they’re stuck in a rut. They come in full of energy, which adds greatly to any company’s culture.

Young People Relate to Young People

Your martial arts dojo or studio is presumably full of kids and younger adults. Interns, who can be from 17-22 years old, are perfect for your customers since they can relate better to younger and slightly older people. They can help with solving customer problems better or generally, with enough training, be better communicators compared to older employees.

Interns are Inexpensive

They don’t require benefits of any kind and college interns are okay with earning 8$ – 18$ an hour depending on where you live. You can also move around your employee schedule to save more money. Hiring interns don’t have huge overhead costs; there are also low risks involved when you do decide to invite them to work for your company.

 They Have New and Fresh Ideas

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but younger people are more creative. Try to remember yourself when you were a kid and the thoughts and ideas that you had growing up. It can also boil down to the biology which means that younger people have younger brain cells, or somehow they’re thinking is still unobstructed and is less complicated. Whatever the reason, hiring interns can provide you with a great source of martial arts business ideas. I’m not saying that all the ideas will be excellent; all you need to do is try a few crazy ones and follow through on the best suggestions or thoughts. But be warned, you’ll hear the words “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” spoken quite a few times in a day.

Interns to Full-time Employees

If you’re looking for an easy way to attract the best full-time employees, ten start an internship program. People who are really interested to join your martial arts school will start early, a sign that they’re committed. If they prove their worth then ask them to join full time. Imagine it like a test drive for employees.

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