Competitiveness is Everything

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There are people in this world who were born to be successful. There are human beings blessed with extreme physical prowess and intellect that make them naturals in fields where they choose to excel. In martial arts, we can give examples like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. In the field of business we have Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs to name a few. These people are extremely talented and focused on what they want to achieve. Another thing that makes them unique is that, they’re different. They’re different from normal people because they spend their lives chasing their dreams.

Bruce Lee spends his time running, lifting weights, and practicing martial arts. Warren Buffett, even with his immense wealth, chooses to save his money. They are successful because they are different. They choose to do activities that can bring more success to their lives instead of giving in to every primal urge.

We, those who regularly give in to primal urges, may appear to not have a chance of being great. After all, we don’t have any special qualities, high IQs, or any impressive trait or characteristic. But what we lack in gifts, we can make up with intense competitiveness.

Competitiveness is everything.

From a personal perspective, competition pushes me to do more. It reminds me that somewhere out there someone is doing more work and putting more hours. With this thinking, I get fuelled up and I end up working harder and maximizing my day. And I’m sure I’m not the only with this kind of mentality. Athletes also use this to block pain and fatigue from their training routines. Doctors have “God Complexes” which give them the confidence to cut people up and fix them on operating tables. Thinking you’re the best and proving it keeps our body and mind in a state where we block the things we want now for the great things we desperately want in the future.

You may say it becomes an obsession, an unhealthy way of thinking, but I don’t see any problem with it. Every time you want to procrastinate and set aside work, you’re fighting against yourself. That is why most people don’t become successful. It’s not that they are not particularly gifted, it’s because they don’t have the drive and the competitiveness to be better than their selves and other people.

Bringing our point back to business, there are a lot of institutions that teach the ropes and secrets of entrepreneurship. Everybody can be successful with the right education and drive. There are a lot of support groups, seminars, educational materials, and mentors available to help you with your dream. Aside from learning, these resources will also help you in focusing your drive and competitiveness into making a career out of the skills that you have learned. But even though you have acquired the skills, you must realize that it takes a lot of time, even years to perfect them. But as long as you remain highly competitive, there won’t be any problem at all.

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