How to be Better at Marketing

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Have you ever thought of going off-line just for a few days? You know, leaving all of your gadgets, going for a walk in the woods or holing up in a cabin in a middle of a forest and passing your time by reading books. You can also sit beside the lake and appreciate the still calmness of the water, away from the city and away from it all. Nature is the only place that I can think of that is devoid of any form of advertisement because marketing is everywhere. There are commercials, ads on the internet, billboards, and product placements on movies and TV. Everybody is force fed with these mundane marketing ways to the point that people don’t actually care with what companies have to say.

Stand out and be refreshing by knowing how to be better at marketing, which brings us to our first tip…

…Be Helpful

Be of service to mankind by being helpful. Most of the time it’s interpreted by giving your target markets something with actual value though your advertisements. For example, you can post accurate information on your flyers about the advantages of exercise. Aside from spreading the word about your school, you’re also promoting a healthier lifestyle. Other examples include funny commercials that bring joy to people by making them laugh. Another one is commercials that touch the heart ala Coca-cola and Budweiser. They promote their brands through heartwarming stories which people find entertaining.

Have Consistency

When you’ve created an ad or a commercial that is useful and effective, people will now expect a high quality from you. Be consistent and make sure that you deliver every time on every aspect. Be on time, and maintain the quality, or surpass your previous creation.

Be Human

Have you heard about the Netflix customer service representative who acted like a captain on Star Trek while resolving a customer’s problem? Granted it wasn’t a marketing stunt of any sort but the core of the story is still valuable. With people always complaining of robots and robot like customer reps, it’s nice to see that Netflix is letting their employees act like humans. Now the story has gone viral and Netflix is enjoying their free good publicity.

Take a Stand

Companies are afraid to take stands because they feel that they’ll lose their customers on the other side. Chick-fil-a took a stand against gay rights, but I’m sure that people on the left are still buying their chicken sandwiches because they’re really good. Choose a stand, stay on it, and be vocal about it. Although you can’t share everyone’s beliefs, at least you’ll gain their respect.

Lighten up on Selling

I consider myself as the anti-sales person, it’s my kryptonite, my Bruce Lee to my Chuck Norris, my ancient Chinese pots to my Jacky Chan. Aside from me being scared, I find it really awkward and a bit annoying and I know most people do to. Facebook posts of companies selling a product only get 25% of the maximum page visits and shares versus posts that are helpful and educational. So easy on the selling and be helpful by spreading enlightening information. Mix what you post and you’ll be more appreciated by your target audience.

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