How to Get More Students through Email Marketing


Yesterday we’ve talked about how you can get more students through referrals and how one student per month can improve your yearly profit. For today, let’s discuss how to get more students through email marketing. This article will be very useful for those who already have ready-made e-mails sent to people who sign up on the school’s website. If you are one of these owners, you might be wondering why there are only few people who actually enroll after they receive your e-mail. The probable answer why you don’t get the expected outcome out of the e-mails is that certain pieces of information are missing in your message.

But before we talk about those factors, let’s brush up on out e-mail basics.

Never Spam

Do you hate spam e-mails? I do. It’s enough that people get bombarded with advertisements everywhere they look so stop contributing to the ad pollution. Don’t buy e-mail address lists and send messages only to people who have signed up in your website. If someone asks you to send them an e-mail then that’s fine too.

Send E-mails Regularly

One e-mail is not enough. Some e-mails get lost in the sea that is called the “inbox”. To get noticed, send more e-mails, but don’t overdo it. The line between decisive and annoying is a very fine one.

Utilize E-mail Campaigns

An e-mail campaign is a systematic and automatic way of sending e-mails. You get to choose the number of e-mails, the variations, the date and the time. Aside from assurance of frequency, you can also gauge how effective your e-mails are by monitoring which the messages and the date and time from when they were sent. You can use different e-mail campaigns from websites like,, or to name a few.

Now, let’s discuss the factors I was talking about a while ago.

Create the Best Subject Lines

The people of today have a lot of distractions, so it’s your responsibility to grab their attention! The first thing that they will see in your e-mail is the subject line so make sure they are hooked at the first sight of it.

Hard Offers VS Soft Offers

Like the subject line, making a hard offer will increase your chances of a successful enrollment. It’s all about the wording. An example of a soft offer is “Please visit our school or call our number for more information” while a hard offer could go like “Be trained by an award-winning black belt instructor for only 59$ a month!” In short, hard offers are better (as long as they are true).

Have an Effective Call to Action

A call to action is a must have for every e-mail. A call to action is a statement saying that the reader should make a move like making a phone call, answering a survey, or replying to an e-mail. An example of a call to action is what we mostly see in infomercials: “What are you waiting for? Call right now!” and then you could see a phone number blinking at the bottom of the screen as if enticing you to call at that very second. Create a call to action and use it in your e-mails. Don’t forget your phone number, e-mail ad, and the address of your martial arts school.


Use testimonials only if they are legitimate. Most people have a strong sense of smell for BS so utilize genuine testimonials from real students.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

And to close, I’ll leave you with this advice. Don’t beat around the bush. Nobody has the time to read long e-mails. Include only the important parts. If you believe that what you’re saying is really vital, then break it down to different messages. Remember, a long e-mail is a time waster which can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect against the reader.

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