How to Have a Successful Martial Arts Studio

Masters have different reasons why they open up martial arts studios. One thing that I’m sure about is that if you’re spending time and effort on your studio, then you should at least make money out of it. Some people will find it hard to make a profit because the reality is that not all martial arts studios succeed. If you are looking for some ways on how to make improve your school business wise then I have some tips for you.

Be Organized


There are a lot of things that need to be done in a martial arts school. To list them here would take some time and would just create a wicked reminder on the hard work that teachers and masters do. If you want to make this workload appear lighter, then being organized will really help. One way of doing so is by creating a checklist of the tasks that you need to do for everyday. This way, you can tackle each job one by one and will never miss another task. And checking an empty box besides a task feels like a small reward in itself, savor that moment when you do.

Price Your Services Well / Collect the Payment


This is kind of complicated because pricing services tends to be subjective. The key here is to not overprice and under-price. One way to make sure you are charging the right amount is by asking other schools on how much they charge. Ask for other comments from your friends and family on what they think would be the right amount to pay. Consider your overhead and your daily living costs. How much do you want to earn? If you’ve collected most of that information that I’ve said (and maybe a few more from other people you asked) then set your price. Once it is set, then make sure you collect it without fail. If you’re one of those people who are lax in asking for payments then now is the right time to tell you that it’s not a good practice. Sure, people will think you’re cool or kind, but it will not help your business one bit. Set the price, and collect. Do it.

…Your Enemies Closer


Market Your School

Well, enemies is a harsh word, what I mean to say is competition. Study and analyze other martial arts studios. If they aren’t successful, pinpoint what they are doing wrong and avoid them. If they’re doing great then learn from them and do what they’re doing. Having a business means that you have to be prepared for some competition, today is a good day to start.


Some people have a hard time dealing with sales and marketing, and that is understandable. If you’re that type of person then you can at least improve on your speaking skills and just speak from your heart. Tell people why martial arts is important and why your school can provide certain benefits that other schools can’t provide. If you REALLY can’t do that, then hire people to market for you. Asks your teachers or other staff members to handle selling. Just make sure that you can overview everything and that you handle the money.

Stay Focused and Be Consistent


Opening a martial arts school can be exciting. Your spirits are up and your energy is high, it seems that nothing can bring you down. But as you get along with it, you discover that not everything that you plan will happen and once in a while you face disappointment and failure. So what? Everybody experiences that from time to time. Just remember your love for martial arts and the reason why you opened a school in the first place. Though at first, you won’t be making money, soon you will by completing short term goals and by being consistent. Decreasing the quality of your services may save you money but it won’t attract students and parents. Focus and be consistent always. It will take time, but hold on and it will come.

We all know the risks, and we all know the rewards of having your own martial arts studio. All we need to remember is that success doesn’t come overnight. To succeed, you must never let your spirit waver and you must face everyday with the same energy you once had when you opened your studio. Be Strong, one day you’ll get there. Good luck.

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