How to Improve Customer Relationships


As a martial arts school teacher, running a school can be difficult. You have a lot of responsibilities. You manage a lot of people. Your mind is full of things to think about and it seems that the only rest you get is sleep. But these things don’t matter because you have this goal to succeed, to make your school thrive and be a beacon of achievement. Things may be difficult, but there’s a way to lessen your burden, and that is to strengthen your customer relationships.

How? Well, the way to succeed is to establish your school as a respectable and reliable place for people to practice martial arts. To do that you can do two things. The hard way is to spend money and market your business. It’s effective, but it will take some time for your school to be recognized. The easy way is to get help from customers by improving your relationships with them. Imagine your business as a broken down car. The hard way is pushing your car by yourself; the easy way is having people (your customers) to help you push your car until it reaches the mechanic.

You may be thinking that having great customer relationships is hard. It’s not. It may take some time, but it’s really doable. Erase any notion that having relationships can happen in one conversation or one meeting. If you think networking is as simple as handing out your calling card, it’s not. It’s a process that needs a plan and some patience.

One of the things that you can do on how to improve customer relationships is to start with your current network. These are your business colleagues, friends, family, existing customers, contractors, suppliers, and other people that you see and work with day by day. If you want them to be on your side to help with your business, then be on their side as well. Add further value to your existing relationship by being friendlier and going an extra mile to help the people around you. If you do, they’ll remember you more and more and will require your professional help when the time arises.

When it comes to communicating with your contacts, think quality and quantity.  If you meet them on a promotional dinner, follow up and give them a call. E-mail can also be a cheap and easy way to catch up on current and potential contacts.

And you shouldn’t forget your loyal customers. These customers are your lifeline, without them your school will not succeed. Give them rewards and make their experience in your school better. If you treat them right, they’ll market your school to their own network. Think of them as your marketers, but free and much more effective.

See? That wasn’t too hard. All you need is an extra effort and sooner or later, you’ll find yourself as a successful master with loyal and plentiful customers to help you with your school.

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