How to Innovate Through Networks


One of our articles this week talked about the truth about creativity. One of the “truths” that I mentioned is the sole inventor image that we have of discoveries and new ideas. A sole inventor is possible, but most of the time, new inventions come from a group of people who’ve brainstormed and shared ideas. If you want to learn how to innovate through networks, you must not buy into a solo inventor idea, an idea born of people who hog all the credit and the glory. Instead, talk to a lot of people like your friends, family, co-workers, and fellow business people. Here are some of the advantages of thinking and working in a group.

Acquire Inspiration

If you’re used to working alone, change can be beneficial for you. It’s like having a fresh breath of air. Different stimuli will affect your brain in different ways thus producing new ideas. If you want to be inspired more, take it to the next level by participating in group activities. It can be in the form of dinners, parties, talks, and even walks! During this time, you can just relax and talk to your co-workers or co-business owners. You can swap stories about customers, business strategies, or anything that you fancy talking about.

Gain Knowledge and Wisdom

Another great thing about talking to other people is the knowledge and wisdom that you can acquire simply by just talking to them. Stories about their business can help you manage your own. You can ask other people how they’ve handled a huge problem or what to do about an unruly employee. You can also ask for their advice when it comes to new ideas, products, and services.

If you want to gain more information, you can also join a community college class. Aside from learning new things, your network will grow bigger because of all the people that you’ll eventually meet.

Use it to Help Other People

Business people are known to be greedy. You can change that image by working with a group of people and establishing a charity group. For starters, you can help the people in your own community. Meet your local leaders and establish a good relationship with them. You’re expanding your circle while actually contributing something to society. It may not be a direct money making idea, but it can be a sort of an investment for your future. Good relationships with the people in your community can then support you in your future endeavors. Another idea is to donate to charity or set-up an event that both help your business and the people in your community. You can do a self-defense class which teaches the importance of self-protection and the advantages of learning martial arts.

Don’t be a loner and get your ideas moving with the help of other people. As they say no man is island, and two heads is better than one. But I say, put many heads in an island beach and have a business retreat! How great would that be?

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