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How to Innovate Through Networks

One of our articles this week talked about the truth about creativity. One of the “truths” that I mentioned is the sole inventor image that we have of discoveries and new ideas. A sole inventor is possible, but most of the time, new inventions come from a group of people who’ve brainstormed and shared ideas. If you want to learn ...

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The Truth about Business Creativity

There is a lot of false information about the process of creativity. The general populous think that a good idea is brought upon by luck or an accident, but it’s not the case. Anyone with the desire to come up with new and exciting products, services, programs, and ideas are very capable of doing so. Being innovative is not a ...

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Evolution: How to Keep Up with the Changing Times

Comfort is the enemy of progress, its friend… stagnation. Businesses should always have advancement as its goal. Being satisfied with what you currently have is one of the signs of future failure. For example, past businesses who were giants in their industries like pagers and certain movie rental businesses are nowhere to be found. The thing to learn here is, ...

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