The Truth about Business Creativity


There is a lot of false information about the process of creativity. The general populous think that a good idea is brought upon by luck or an accident, but it’s not the case. Anyone with the desire to come up with new and exciting products, services, programs, and ideas are very capable of doing so. Being innovative is not a privilege to the select few but a gift to all of us. But before you start making new things on your own, read the truth about business creativity and remove the limits on your creative thinking.

The Truth about the “Eureka” Moment

“Eureka” is an ancient Greek word that means “I’ve found it!” This word is famously attributed to Archimedes for discovering the way to measure the volume of irregular objects. Now the problem with the Eureka moment is that some people think that a good idea can come anytime without thinking about it, like it would just fall from the heavens gift-wrapped and delivered by a winged stallion. We always forget how Archimedes had his great idea. He was thinking about his problem for some time which means that his subconscious is working on the solution while doing menial things. Archimedes had to think and put effort to come up with a solution before he had his famous moment. So if you want to have a “Eureka” moment, spend time on thinking for a great idea and eventually it will come to you.

The Truth about Creative Types

It’s true that there are creative types. Artistic people who like to make crafts, paintings, books, and other artsy things. You may not be the creative type, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create anything. Although a creative type exists, there is no creative gene, which means that everyone can create something. Banish the thought of creative types having the monopoly on innovation. With enough time, patience, and effort, you can create something too.

The Truth about Originality

Originality is overrated. Intellectual property is a very murky subject, but I can tell you this. History has shown that all the new ideas that you see today are just combinations of old ideas. Sharing ideas, rather than keeping them to yourself is also beneficial in bringing forth newer and better things. So don’t put too much effort in worrying about originality. Mix a few ideas together and you’ll come up with something fresh.

The Truth about Lone Creators

There is a thing called glory, spotlight, and credit that most people like to hog for themselves. So it’s just natural to attribute great ideas to only one person when the truth is that a lot of people are responsible for an invention or an achievement. This misconception has established within us that people can create new things all on their own when the fact is that, new ideas are born with the power of collaboration. So stop being a lone wolf. Share ideas to your team or your staff and brainstorm. This will improve your idea by removing the weaknesses and improving the strengths.

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