How to Sell More by Giving Things Away

If you’ve been looking for a different approach in sales, then you may want to start giving away things for free. It may seem hard to let go of some things (especially things that you paid for) but giving away free things has been a long and tested tactic.

How many countless free food samples have you eaten? Have you ever used a free perfume sample before? There are a lot of companies that offer free things and see a boost in their sales. People love free things; it’s a fun way of getting to know products they haven’t tried before.

I remember I was with my father when I was a kid. We were walking and I saw some guy giving away free candies as taste samples. He approached us and sure enough, me and my father had a single piece each. It was delicious! So I pestered my father into buying a whole pack. If that man didn’t give away free samples, I wouldn’t have tasted the candy and could’ve just passed by.

Now how can you connect all of this to your martial arts school? Easy, think of things that you can easily let go off, and give it for free. Want to know how to sell more by giving things away? Then read some of my ideas.

Free Merchandise


If you still have your school’s baseball caps from a year ago then it might be time to hand it out to a few people. You can also give away previous editions of books and DVDs. Rule of thumb, if it has your school’s logo, and it’s just collecting dust in your basement, give it away.

Promotional Materials


Print some cool posters, order stickers, t-shirts, and pins. Think of something funny, cute, or cool to print and make sure it grabs people’s attention.

Post Some Internet Videos


The internet is now a fountain of knowledge for people who want to learn. Share your knowledge by demonstrating a stance or showing how a flashy move is done. Make it informative and awesome at the same time. At the end of the video, state the name of your school and your location. Easy peasy.

Free Classes


You can also share your time with other people by conducting some free classes. You can conduct demonstrations for the kids and show a few defensive moves to men and women. Maki it informative and make sure they can take away something from that class. Some will appreciate the gesture, get interested, and eventually sign up for classes.

Giving things away can be viewed as two things. One, as a sale tactic, and two, as a way of giving back. Ultimately, our goal is to increase our sales and memberships, but once the mood sets in, giving things away and sharing your time feels pretty nice. Give it a try.

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