How to Stop the Lying Game

9-24-2013 1-11-40 PM

The average American tells a lie once or twice in a day. It increases when he or she goes to work. Now why is that? Usually, people lie at work to cover up tardiness. Tasks have deadlines, and when workers choose to postpone a task, the resulting work output decreases in quality so the deadline can be met. When inquired about the quality of the output, workers lie. See, most people are afraid of repercussions. Repercussions are hard and unpleasant, so as humans, we choose to go the easy way.

We lie.

That’s the reason why we said there was heavy traffic, but the truth is we didn’t get up early. That’s the reason why we said that we didn’t receive the e-mail but we just chose to ignore it. And that’s the reason why we said our computers had a hardware problem but all we did was just watch cat videos on Youtube all day.

If there is a culture of lying in your martial arts school, you might be surprised the primary reason why it exists. Believe it or not, lying stems from the head of the school. But you can still take steps to crush this culture of dishonesty. Here is how to the lying game in your martial arts school.

First of all, employees expect commitments to be honored. So make commitments when you are 100% sure that you can fulfill them. When you are good to your commitments, you can have the right authority to expect your employees to do the same thing but you must lead by example.

Promote transparency in your martial arts studio. Secrets should not be kept from you and vice versa. If your company stands for transparency, you will attract employees who are honest, plus it will push your staff to be truthful as well. When your company is transparent, you will see everything that goes on, and make sure that your employees knows this. Let them know that you are observing their behaviors and don’t be afraid to announce your observations publicly.

Although you’re monitoring behaviors, you should always put emphasis on the good. Be open with mistakes because you too, as a human being, commit them from time to time. When you commit a mistake, tell it publicly to your employees. This will inspire them to take risks, try new stuff, and to do things on their own. If people are afraid of making mistakes, it will just encourage them to cover it up when they do commit one.

And the last thing is to ultimately hold people who lie accountable. While mistakes can be forgiven, lying should be considered as a much graver sin. When you catch someone lying, a certain punishment should be enforced. If the lie is big enough, you can fire that person even if he or she is a good employee. This will send a message to your other employees that lying is not tolerated in your company.

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