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Marketing Tactics to Avoid

We’re exposed to different types of marketing and it’s highly possible that you’ve encountered shady people who’ve used shady techniques as well. Due to the rise of these kinds of marketing strategies, consumers are now looking for a more refreshing way to be exposed to products and services. You can be more of service to your consumers and align your ...

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How to Stop the Lying Game

The average American tells a lie once or twice in a day. It increases when he or she goes to work. Now why is that? Usually, people lie at work to cover up tardiness. Tasks have deadlines, and when workers choose to postpone a task, the resulting work output decreases in quality so the deadline can be met. When inquired ...

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Martial Arts School Turn Offs

I know the market is already tough, but not all business tactics should be done by martial arts schools. You see, some schools do these strategies that make them annoying and just plain disgusting. If you do some of the martial arts turn offs (that I’ll list a little bit later) you’ll give the consumers reasons to avert their eyes ...

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