Marketing Tactics to Avoid


We’re exposed to different types of marketing and it’s highly possible that you’ve encountered shady people who’ve used shady techniques as well. Due to the rise of these kinds of marketing strategies, consumers are now looking for a more refreshing way to be exposed to products and services. You can be more of service to your consumers and align your moral compass to the right direction by being honest. So to foster customer loyalty through honesty, here is a list of marketing tactics to avoid.

“5 Units Left” Tactic

The “We only have 5 units left” line that implies a shortage so a customer should sign up or buy right away. I personally have been taught by a former boss to use this kind of tactic and it really helps in increasing your sales numbers. The only thing that I noticed is that this particular tactic has been used so much that customers can see right through the BS. Avoid this line at all costs because it will backfire. Instead of lying, be honest to your customers. Only tell your customers that you’re running out of products when you’re actually running out.

“Limited Time” Tactic

It’s similar to the “5 units left” tactic in which a salesman is pressuring the consumer to act now because their product is only available for a limited time. Seriously? What kind of businessman would create and sell a product or service that would only be available for a limited time? Stop treating consumers like idiots and just focus on making your products better.

Fake Testimonials

This is the worst kind of strategy that I’m surprised people still use today. Companies who use this tactic obviously don’t care. You can see this strategy on commercials that feature actors (who can’t act) give high praises to a product or a service. You can also see this on websites and social media sites in the form of comments and product reviews. Instead of wasting time making up these fake testimonials which nobody believe, post real testimonials from real customers. Consumers are becoming smarter and smarter; they can spot fake reviews and poor acting a mile away.

Promising the Moon

Immoral people will stop at nothing to get consumers to buy products that are presented like miracle solutions. Rule of thumb, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. So don’t make overblown promises, be honest to your customers. Tell them all the details that they need to know like what they could expect, what they need to do, and a time frame. An example for martial arts businesses is telling a student that if he enrolls in your class, he can become a great athlete if he practices often and hard and can become a black belt after years of training.

To sum it all up, don’t focus on how to trick potential customers, spend more time and energy on the important parts of your company like your products, services, and customer relations. Take the higher road and avoid corrupt marketing strategies. Only use honesty as your tactic because it’s the only method that never backfires.

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