Martial Arts School Turn Offs


I know the market is already tough, but not all business tactics should be done by martial arts schools. You see, some schools do these strategies that make them annoying and just plain disgusting. If you do some of the martial arts turn offs (that I’ll list a little bit later) you’ll give the consumers reasons to avert their eyes from you and look at other martial arts schools.

If you’re guilty of using these turn offs, don’t worry, there’s still hope and enough time to change.


Students and martial arts practitioners are looking for masters and instructors that want to help them reach their goals. So these students look for martial arts schools that tend to give them what they want. One of the things that they want are instructors that are knowledgeable, great at teaching, and most of all caring. But some teachers just start off great then just hang on this plateau of mediocrity. Being an instructor and teacher is all about passion. Keep that fire burning!


Yes, I can totally see the beauty of contracts that protect the student as well as the martial arts school. If that is your purpose then I can say nothing more. But if you’re using these contracts to keep students from leaving then this is just a cheap tactic for schools who don’t know how to keep their students. Customers and consumers should have the option to leave schools that give underwhelming services. The best way to keep students is to give the best services and products.

Hidden Fees and Surprise Renewals

Don’t you just hate it when businesses don’t become totally honest with their customers? Hidden fees and these renewal fees just come out of nowhere and become burdens to students and parents. Add that with a lock-in contract and you’ll have yourself a 1-2 punch of unethical business tactics. If you have these kinds of fees, I’m not saying that they are automatically bad. All martial arts schools just have to be honest with everything. While you’re at it, avoid the fine print crap.


Last but not the least is Overpricing. One of the biggest letdowns in a child’s martial arts education is to learn that his or her parents can’t afford a testing for a black belt. Having a black belt requires hard work and it shouldn’t be crushed by a martial arts school’s greed. I’m not saying that schools should under-price or just get even, all I’m saying that reasonably pricing the tests should be done so all of the students can have a chance to earn their belts. This also goes the same way for merchandise and equipment. Inflating the prices of martial arts gear should be avoided.

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