Ideas for Your Martial Arts School Facebook Page


If you don’t have a Facebook page for your martial arts school, stop reading, create a Facebook fan page right now and come back to this article. Do you have one now? Okay good, to get you started, I’ll give you some ideas for your martial arts school Facebook page. But before we do that, let’s discuss some advantages why creating a page will boost your business.

First, you’ll create a digital presence. Aside from your school website, a Facebook page will legitimize the proof of your school’s existence. The good thing about a digital presence is, when people actually search for your school in the internet, they will find it. Facebook is also great at sharing whatever you want to post, whether pictures, videos, links, or articles. Think of it as a free marketing tool. Facebook is also a good way to reach your students, fans, and future clients. And with that covered, let’s now move on to the ideas I was talking about.

Create a Raffle

People love free stuff so having a raffle is a good way to spread the name of your martial arts school. I’ve been following some fan pages on Facebook and raffles create a lot of buzz. They set a prize, usually related to the fan page so in your case, you can give free martial arts gear, a personal class, or discount coupons. Choose a prize that people will really want. The bigger the prize, the more people will join the contest. Before you give out the prize, you can set the mechanics for the raffle. Usually, you can make them like the fan page of your school and the post about the raffle until a certain time or date. You can then choose from the likers randomly and give out the prize to the lucky winner. You can make people do other things like visit your website or vote for you in an internet poll.

Easy on the Ads

People who use Facebook come to the social media site to be entertained and not be flooded by unlimited ads. So go easy on the ads and post any related fun pictures, videos, links, and articles about martial arts. Stories about anti-bullying are good, memes about Chuck Norris are pretty funny too, or you can post awesome videos that you and your students have made. After 5-10 of these posts, thn you can make one advertisement for your school. That’s how things work because if you over-do the advertisement, people will get sick of it and un-like your school’s Facebook page.

Promote Sharing

Chances are, the people who will like your fan page are your employees, students, friends, and family members. But there are people out there who just want to talk about martial arts. Encourage those people to ask questions and share anything that they have to your page. Tell them to post pictures and videos. Expertly reply to their questions. Let the likers interact with each other. You can’t have every liker as a student, but you can let them spread the word about your school.

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