Leadership Tips for Martial Arts Businessmen

If you’re goal in life is to have a successful martial arts school, then you need all the help and tips that you can get. Here are some leadership tips for martial arts businessmen.

Be Passionate with What You’re Doing

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Real passion is one of the major keys of success. It’s something that people see in you, a thing that makes people believe in what you do. If you really have a passion for the martial arts, then students and parents will be attracted to you. You will be a magnet, a charismatic person that is able to fascinate even the most stubborn people. Even if you’re not the best, or the greatest martial artist or master, if you have passion, people will still believe in what you’re doing. Don’t fake it, people can see through that. If you don’t have the passion for the martial arts, then that is one reason you’re not suited for this kind of life.

Make Your Dojo a Part of Your Customer’s Life

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Successful businesses have what we call “repeat business”. Repeat business doesn’t need too much marketing, or advertisement, because people go back organically without too much persuasion. A good way to have repeat business is by making your school a part of your student’s life. And I’m not saying weekend classes. If you could keep them coming back every day that would be great. Just imagine a satisfied customer saying “My day isn’t complete without a visit to the dojo.” That is what you should strive for. Make you school a place where students feel welcome, a break from school or from work. Make it homey, a place to relieve stress. Make sure that they know that you care about them, build that emotional connection. That connection can transform simple visits to your school into uplifting experiences.

Stand for Something

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I have my values and my principles, and sometimes, I meet people that don’t share them. That’s fine, I don’t hate them for not believing in my beliefs, and on the contrary, I respect them. What I don’t like are people who don’t stand for something, people who are in between. It’s a sign of cowardice because these people are afraid that they’ll be disliked if they take a side. In the business world, more and more companies are taking sides. Just look at Fox News, MSNBC, Chick-fil-a, or Starbucks. They have taken stands on the different issues like homo-sexuality, global warming, immigration, and a lot of different things. They know that it’s possible that some of their followers won’t support them anymore but people are at least respecting these companies because they defined what they stood for. It shows passion, and people like that.

One things that connects these three tips is attraction. Being passionate, making an emotional connection, and standing for something are the things that people want in their companies. How are you going to accomplish these 3 things?

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