Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts Schools


Marketing shouldn’t be expensive. If you’re having problems with your budget and yet you need to come up with new marketing ideas for martial arts schools then I’m here to help you with some ideas.

News Articles

You know the old and past articles about you and your school? Make copies of those and pass it around. You can pin them on bulletin boards, paste on walls, stapler on posts, add a number and your school’s address and voila! Instant advertisement for your martial arts school. If you’re thinking of writing new stuff about you and your school, you can just use past articles which are better because they were written by other people.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

For this, you can use your current network. Tap people who have businesses like friends, family, and the parents of your students. For example, if you have a friend with a store that sells sports goods, include a discount card for your lessons whenever a customer buys something. In return, you can send a student who needs to buy equipment to the said store. Any business can be collaborated with like restaurants, bowling alleys, movie houses, and other schools.

Network by Helping

Passing it forward will never grow old. You know those idle times that you don’t have anything to do like the morning and afternoon bus commutes? You can use that time to make phone calls and help people who have questions about martial arts and being an entrepreneur. You can help start up companies, young martial arts master, your students, their parents, and anybody who just have questions about your expertise. By doing this, you’re creating loyal customers and people who will think that you’re a really helpful and knowledgeable person. The one they will refer if anyone asks the question “do you know any good martial arts schools?”

Read More, Know More

There are different publications that post new information about the usefulness of martial arts and the benefits that you can gain from exercise. Use this information to promote your school and the whole martial arts industry. A good example is passing out flyers that reads “did you know that exercise can battle depression?” or “martial arts can help your child focus.” There are lots of studies that show up so it would be a good idea to read one or two everyday and use this new acquired information on your current marketing efforts.

Use Technology

And I’ll end this piece with marketing using the internet. You need to have your own website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and a Youtube channel. You can post useful information on your website. Facebook and Twitter can be used for campaigns, customer interaction, and posting pictures and videos about your school. Youtube is specialized to handle video marketing so try your best to come up with good videos. Almost all of these are free, except for the website. So if you have a shoestring budget, you can never go wrong with using the internet.

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